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Investigating How Cancer Cells Survive: The Key to Blocking Metastasis

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ECCE Speaker Series | Notre Dame Club of Central IL
Brookens Auditorium
Oct 23, 2017   7:00 pm  
Event is free and open to the public.
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Metastasis, the process by which cancer cells spread from the primary tumor to distant sites in the body, is responsible for in excess of 90% of cancer deaths. This lecture will focus on recent Notre Dame research studying how cancer cells survive during metastasis, and how this information can be used for the development of novel cancer therapeutics.


Zachary Schafer is Professor of Cancer Biology and Coleman Foundation Associate at the University of Notre Dame. He earned his BS in Biological Sciences from Notre Dame and completed his PhD in Molecular Cancer Biology at Duke University. He proceeded to complete postdoctoral studies in the Department of Cell Biology at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Schafer's laboratory investigates the molecular mechanism utilized by cancer cells to survive during metastasis. He is the recipient of a V Scholar Award from the V Foundation for Cancer Research, a Research Scholar Award from the American Cancer Society, and a Career Catalyst Award from Susan G. Komen.

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