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Yes, you can get that raise or promotion!

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Professional Development
Illinois Women in Leadership
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Dec 3, 2020   12:00 - 1:00 pm  
Donna Rogers, is Founder and CEO of Rogers HR Consulting.

IWIL Theme: I Can and I Will
NEW DATE: Thursday, December 3, 2020
12:00 p.m.
Speaker: Donna Rogers

Successfully asking for the salary increase, promotion or raise!

Yes you can ask! Yes, you can get that raise or promotion! Statistically, women are far less likely to ask for more money than a man. Even worse when they do ask and they are denied, 1 in 3 will actually let the subject drop and not challenge it. There are certain things hiring managers can't ask about prior salary today but they should know the budget and what the competition is paid. You will learn how to find that same information so you can be just as prepared as the hiring manager. Knowledge is power. Power is important to use tactfully in any negotiation especially one related to salary. In this session we will explore the stats, the whys, and exactly how to not be a statistic yourself because YOU TOO CAN ASK, just like this speaker has done successfully in her career and those she's coached. Strategies from both sides of the negotiation table will be shared. FREE and open to guests!

ABOUT DONNA: Donna Rogers, is Founder and CEO of Rogers HR Consulting. She has a master's in HR Development from UIUC and has maintained a Senior HR certification since 2001. Visit her website for more

Our monthly programs are open to all IWIL members and their guests. Registration is FREE during COVID-19. Pre-registration is required.


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