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What I Learned From Teaching in a Prison POSTPONED

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UIS Speaker Series
Brookens Auditorium
Apr 6, 2020   5:00 pm  
Dr. Magic Wade
Event is free and open to the public
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POSTPONED due to COVID-19 What is it like teaching in prison?  Magic Wade taught a college course to 15 incarcerated men at the Danville Correctional Center through the Education Justice Project.  In this lecture, she reflects upon her experiences teaching in the prison, shares her thoughts on expanding educational opportunities to incarcerated individuals, and answers your questions about prison-based higher education in the US.


Magic Wade holds a Ph.D.  from the University of Minnesota and has been a faculty member in the Political Science Department at UIS since 2015.  Her research and teaching evaluate the effectiveness of government policies aimed at alleviating social problems related to human welfare, public health, criminal justice, and economic inequality.  In addition to being an assistant professor at UIS, Dr. Wade works with the Education Justice Project at the University of Illinois Urbana- Champaign (EJP).  EJP strives to be a model college in prison program and offers for-credit courses and other educational programming to incarcerated men at the Danville Correctional Center in Danville, Illinois.  Dr. Wade has served as an instructor with EJP and is currently the for-credit course coordinator for the project, where she assists with the recruitment, hiring, and training of college instructors to work within the prison.

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