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From Gender Quotas to Gender Parity: Why Descriptive Representation Still Matters in Argentina

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Dr. Adriana Crocker, Political Science Professor and Global Studies Director
Mar 24, 2021   12:00 pm  
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CPAA Dean's Office

In this presentation, Dr. Piatti-Crocker will explore the gender-diversifying effects that well-conceived and implemented gender quotas and parity laws have had in Argentina’s national and subnational legislatures.  Dr. Piatti-Crocker will examine how institutional factors (electoral, party systems, quota design) have contributed to the relative success of quotas in Argentina, though more unevenly in its provinces due to wide-ranging institutional and cultural factors.  Dr. Piatti-Crocker will also explore how the absence of quotas or parity systems in both the executive and judicial branches of government in Argentina, has led to a pervasive underrepresentation of women in public posts of high hierarchy.  This shows that well designed quotas are critical to ensure the fair representation of women in Argentina and should be expanded to other branches of government beyond legislatures.

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